Here at Range 35 all of our instructors are current Law Enforcement Officers.  In today's ever changing environment it is important that the student stay abreast of current threats to their persons, family, and property.   Our instructors operate in this environment each day and are familiar with the tactics and legal ramifications that accompany the use of force.  With over 150 years combined experience, students are offered an unparalleled training opportunity.

Defensive Rifle Coaching


Range 35 is a purpose built firearms training facility designed for law enforcement and civilian shooters alike.   The facility is comprised of the following areas:

Range 1 - 100m Handgun / Rifle Bay

Range 2 - 100m Handgun / Rifle Bay

Range 3 - 450m Long Range Rifle Bay

LTC Range - 25m Handgun Range

Sim City - Multiple structures and vehicles to simulate an urban environment for UTM training round engagements.

Rappel Tower / Fast Rope Helo - Designed for team building exercises and rappel courses.

Obstacle Course - Designed for team building exercises.

Classroom - Seats up to 24 students comfortably with climate control, pro shop, and break area.

Picnic areas - Several outdoor picnic areas with a view of the range and pond.


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